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Welcome Lovelies!

Are you a busy mom craving a moment of relaxation and pampering?

At Love Your Hair, we offer an intimate salon experience designed for your lifestyle, specializing in low maintenance color and extensions.

Leave feeling not just confident in your look but rejuvenated in spirit. Let us transform your salon visit into a refreshing escape.

love your hair by connie

The New Guest Experience
Your Journey to Low Maintenance Hair Starts Here!

Love Your Hair

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Get to Know Connie!

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“What an awesome experience. I was able to complete a survey prior to my appointment that provided Ms. Connie with how to set up the suite (music, drink, snack, warm towel, eye mask, etc) and everything was just as I asked and my hair (as you can see from the picture) turned out beautiful. If you’ve never been before, I would highly recommend it.”

— Traci P.

What Other Guests Are Saying...

“I love Connie! She does an amazing job with my I-tip (beaded) hair extensions. I recently moved to the area and started my search for a new stylist about 6 months before I moved. I contacted over 20 salons. Of those salons, Connie was the only stylist that was transparent with pricing, recommended a consultation, and worked with my existing extensions and brand that I had come accustomed to. I visit Connie monthly and appreciate the 1:1 service, her attention to detail with my hair, and her thoughtfulness to make each salon visit an experience, not just an appointment. Her text appointment reminders and ability to reschedule electronically are helpful. And the pre-appointment check-in to ask what music, snack, drink, shampoo, etc. I would like that day is very thoughtful. I’m so thankful I found Connie!”

— Julie M.

My Specialties

Low Maintenance Dimensional Color

Hair color that looks natural which includes blends of blondes, brunettes or reds and all the things we love in our hair color.

Luxury Hair Extensions

Extensions are a luxurious service that can add a ton of volume and length to the look of your hair.  This is an amazing confidence booster to anyone with fine hair or dealing with thinning hair.  This is also a great way to add color without the damage.

Modern Gray Coverage

I custom formulate your color to not only cover your gray, but keep it blended as it grows out. This results in a much softer grow out

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